This isn't your ordinary smartphone. Vibrant Slide is a new take on the slider phone from years past, with a slide out second display that creates and enhances your smartphone experience. 
The goal for Vibrant Slide was to create a dual screen smartphone that added additional functionality for the user while still remaining in a familiar form factor for everyday use. 

Market Research
Inspired by the volcanic glass obsidian and eroded rocks that make up sand, Vibrant Slide design incorporates the textures, visuals and colors of these organic objects and translates them into a form that not only beautiful but is functional, through the ribbed design mimicking the layering of rocks while also making it easier to grip. The matte portion of the back has a course texture that also aids in holding the phone.  

The Unibody Ceramic construction is harder than steel while also enables a design with no breaks in the form needed to enable wireless charging and cellular connections.
Uninterrupted viewing experience with under display camera 
Comes in 3 stunning colors
Obsidian Black
Obsidian Black
Snow White
Snow White
Mint Green
Mint Green
Dual Screens
Vibrant Slide's second screen enables a world of new possibilities for the smartphone. From enhance, easier to reach camera controls, to a virtual game pad, to even giving more real-estate to multi-task and so much more.
Gimbal Camera Mode
Gimbal Camera Mode
Virtual Gamepad Controls
Virtual Gamepad Controls
Two apps multi-tasking
Two apps multi-tasking
In the box
Vibrant Slide
USB-C to USB-C cable
Technical Details
Width - 72.18mm (2.84in)
Depth - 10mm (0.39in)
Height closed - 144.48mm (5.69in)
Height opened - 207.45mm (8.17in)
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