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The goals of Ventus Expanded is to develop a further understanding of air filtration in order to improve the Ventus Air purifier. Additionality Ventus Expanded will involve the establishing a brand identify build around the first Ventus Air along with a family of accompanying products in order to develop of Ventus portfolio of products.
Surface areas affect on air filtration
With an increase in surface area, the rate of filtration increase. This makes sense as if you increase that amount of available surface of the filter it can effective create the same of filtration in a smaller area than if the surface area was lower. (According to
Does filter thickness affect performance?
Increasing the thickness of the filters or the number of filters will cause a drop in are pressure and air flow. Can be compensated by increasing fan speed but this causes noise levels to increase.
      • Reducing the number of filters layers 
      • Increasing surface area to remove filter thickness
Preventing air recirculation
Problem - The original Ventus Air design led to clean air possibly being recirculated through purifier, instead of cleaning all the unpurified air. With Ventus` air quality sensors it would cause the device to perceived that the air is clean.
Reverse air flow redirection
     • Prevents air recirculation by putting air from the larger vents on the product 
     • Also allows to main HEPA filter to have increase surface area = better filtration 
     • Integrates Pre Filter with main filter, reducing complexity and increase pre filter size.
Controlling air flow
     • Redesigned Covers integrates air ducts to direct air from the center of Ventus Air and out the sides of the cover and away from the intake vents. 
     • Also new cover reduces complexity and cost in production as hardware for motion gestures can be placed in the device instead.
Calculating true max coverage
CADR = Clean Air Delivery Rate, represents an air purifier’s filtering efficiency, indicates air purifier’s filtration rate at a specific time. According to
CADR is expressed in CFM (cubic feet per minute) or m³/h (cubic meter per hour).
ACH = Air Changes per Hour.
A minimum ACH of 2 is recommended for regular air cleaning.
An ACH of 5 for allergy & asthma and ACH of 8 is for heavily contaminated air.
Higher ACH = faster air cleaning.
Ventus Air - 300 sq ft or 360 CFM
Ventus Air Plus - 600 sq ft or 720 CFM
Ventus Air Mini - 100 sq ft or 120 CFM
All calculated using average ceiling height of 9ft and an ACH of 8
Types of HEPA filters
Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values, or MERVs, report a filter's ability to capture larger particles between 0.3 and 10 microns (µm). 
According to the EPA
Brand Identity 
The vision for Ventus is to create an intuitive and personized user experience. Through the Ventus product family, the goal is to create products that can personized to each user needs while reflecting the uniqueness of each user. The brand image for Ventus brings the feeling of personal and friendly.
Color Palette
Type logos
Icon logos
Meet the Ventus portfolio 
The New Ventus Air and Ventus Air Plus
Redesigned covers for better air flow
The new Ventus Air and Air Plus covers integrate air flow redirection, to direct air up and out through the sides of the cover, away from the intake vents.
New filters for every specific need
🍃  Basic Air -  Pre filter, H12 HEPA Filter
🤧  Sneeze Air – Pre filter, H13 HEPA Filter
🐶  Pet Air – Pre Filter, H13 HEPA Filter, Light Granular Carbon Filter
👷‍♂️  Work Air – Pre Filter, H12 HEPA Filter, Heavy Granular Carbon Filter 
🌞  Pure Air – Pre Filter, H13 HEPA Filter, Medium Granular Carbon Filter 
🤯  Extra Air – Pre Filter, H15 HEPA Filter, Heavy Granular Carbon Filter 
Enables users to have choice in level of air purification needed in their space.  
Ventus Air Mini
Designed to create your own personal bubble of clean air 
Ventus Protect
The smart smoke alarm that can detect so much more.
Ventus Protect combines an advance air quality/particle detection sensor with smart alarm.
Ventus Air Particle Sensor
An advance air quality sensor that provides Ventus Air and Air Plus with more data in order to get a better sense of the environment.
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