This project is in active development, things are subject to change.
Survival lights are products meant to serve emergency situations. As a result they are products that are often hidden and rarely used. The Goal of the Lux project was to design a product that can not only be used in emergency situations but a product that can used everyday and truly be apart of a person's daily life and be ready at a moments in that emergency situation.
Market Research
In order to further understand the design, a foam model was made in order to product proportions and the placement of the different components.
Pocket friendly design
Solar Panel
Pull Power
4 LED lighting modes
Titanium construction
Dual USB-C ports
Large 10,000mAh battery 
User Interface
Storage and Charging
Users will be able to use the Lux Stand to store and charge their Lux. The stand also includes a Qi wireless charger allowing users to charge their smartphone along with their Lux.

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