Managing all the things we find across all of the different devices is often a difficult task. We keep all these things in different apps or even in a endless collection of opened tabs. Pasteboard is a unique bookmark manager that is easy to use and assessable on all of your devices.
The goal for Pasteboard was to design a service that would enable users saves and view all their favorite links from across the internet.
Market Research
Pocket - An read it later service created by Mozilla that features offline viewing for articles, article listening and discover feature. Pocket is assessable of mobile and web through browser extensions and app.
Pinterest - A service focused on discovery and inspiration. Allows users to discover and save new content, along with the ability to shop on the platform and share through or from the platform. Pinterest is available for mobile and web through their app and website. 
Style Sheet
Front and center
All your saves from across the internet are saved and display on easy to view cards.
More than just links
With the ability to add photos and notes allows you to save more than just links to your Pasteboard.
Right as you save
Give your clip a title, add or to a collection, and add note to your clip right as you save it to your Pasteboard.
Organize your way
Organize your clips into collections based on your different interests and topics.
Full Prototype
Pasteboard is design to adapt to various screen form factors. This prototype was design around the Google Pixel 4 smartphone. 
(Create a new link clip by from link in your clipboard. [Just tap title text when adding a title]
Tools Used
Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop

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